Neutral Workplace Investigations

Employers in California have a legal obligation to immediately investigate and intervene when they receive reports of discrimination, harassment or retaliation from their employees. Smaller employers often do not have a General Counsel and may need to bring in a neutral attorney as a workplace investigator.  Larger employers may have a General Counsel but may need an outside attorney who is a true neutral to conduct an investigation into the allegations or employee complaint. We conduct impartial workplace investigations into all types of misconduct allegations and employee complaints.  As one example, we conduct allegations if there are claims involving a lack of gender equality in the workplace.   

Attorneys Andrea Price and Carolyn Langenkamp are experienced employment law attorneys who are trained and certified to conduct workplace investigations by the Association of Workplace Investigators.  Our investigations are thorough, prompt and cost-effective.

Generally, we are retained directly by employers or their legal counsel to investigate complaints on an as-needed basis. Investigations involve interviewing the person who filed the complaint, the subject of the complaint, any relevant witnesses and reviewing documents. At the end of the investigation, a summary report of our investigation findings is drafted and submitted to the employer. 

Please call our office directly to arrange to talk to Ms. Price if you are an employer with questions about a workplace investigation.

neutral workplace investigations