Education Law

We have had the honor of representing educators, including classified employees, teachers and college professors since 1989.  We are California Teachers Association Group Legal Services attorneys.  We also represent other education unions, including chapters of the California Federation of Teachers, upon request.  We represent educators in employment matters, ranging from safety issues in the classroom to defense in teacher dismissal hearings as well as in discipline, misclassification and tenure matters.  For our current teacher clients, we will represent those members in front of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (license review).  We have saved the jobs of hundreds of teachers through representation in teacher layoff hearings, and we are proud to routinely assist teachers with disabilities who are asserting their right to reasonable accommodations in the workplace. 

We represent teachers in meetings with their local Districts, in administrative hearings, and in Superior Court when needed.

Teachers who are CTA members should always first discuss any workplace concerns with their local Chapter of the California Teachers Association and/or their CTA Staff Representative.